Food Review: Flat Iron Steakhouse + Free Ice-cream

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My favourite meal in the whole world is steak and no place does it better than Flat Iron in London. Not only is this steak super affordable at £11.00 per steak, it’s also a steal when you taste the quality of the meat plus it includes a fresh house-leaf salad, which is a perfectly good meal on its own.

One of my biggest pet peeves when it came to steak house restaurants was that their ‘rare’ was really just medium rare. And I like mine still dancing on my plate, this place is brave enough to cook your steak bloody, which is a testimony to how fresh the meat is.

Food Review: Café Rouge (Quayside Road) – Boeuf Bourguignon + Food Deal

Food, Review

Want a quick bite for lunch? Cafe Rouge is the place to go.

If you find yourself trapped in hustle and bustle of London life, escape to St. Katharine Docks and relax at Café Rouge. This French-style restaurant serves a huge array of dishes, that includes burgers, steaks and classic French dishes and hosts an impressive assortment of beverages from cocktails to beer and, of course, wine. With a pleasant, relaxed ambience and a lovely view of the docks, this is an ideal spot to kick up your feet, eat and have a good chat with family and friends.

iOS 12.1 New Emoji review & where to use them

Review, Tech

For those of you who haven’t enrolled for Apple’s beta program, you can expect a fun little surprise when the iOS 12.1 update comes around.

Why you might ask? Will our phones be faster? Will our batteries last longer? Well, umm.. Probably not. BUT, we are getting new emojis!

That’s right, Apple has announced that they’re releasing a heap of new emojis in this new update with emojis for different animals (such as a badger and llama) and even foods (bagel and cupcake).